Michael Kofler photography, work of the photographer Michael Kofler from product photography, portrait photography to nature, artists and conceptual photography.


group exhibition 518

100 Jahre Karl Schiske

group exhibition '518' at Verein Kwada, Vienna 2023

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Wasser (Water) — Post Card Collection N°2

Kollektion N°2 - Wasser Kollektion N°2 - Wasser

Post Card Collection N°2

Michael Kofler

Lilian Wieser

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100 Jahre Karl Schiske (100 Years Karl Schiske)

100 Jahre Karl Schiske 100 Jahre Karl Schiske 100 Jahre Karl Schiske 100 Jahre Karl Schiske

Contribution to a special exhibition about composer Karl Schickse
"100 Jahre Karl Schiske"
landscape photography at 5 locations
5 image/sound stations
curator: Hilde Fuchs

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"Transmigration" ( A/2016, 0:39 min.)
stopmotion animation movie

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A Little Bit Darker

a little bit darker
"A Little Bit Darker" at Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin, 2015
group exhibition "the door that isn't closed at night"

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Post Card Collection Nº 1

Post Card Collection Nº1 "Stämme" (Trunks)
Set of 8 exclusive post cards
offset print on 350g card

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Rollenbild Kofler Rollenbild Kofler Rollenbild Kofler Rollenbild Kofler

exhibition in Vienna, Kautzen and museumOrth, Orth an der Donau
digital print, 100x830 cm

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rolemodel of woman / sexism

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. Mrs. Smith

in collaboration with David Sumbera
digital slideshow

concept & production at schmiede11–chaos creates structure
in Hallein/Pernerinsel
award-winner at "Jugendkulturpreis Burgenland"

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|: (1)00 dB Arbeit :| (|: (1)00 dB Work :|)

|: (1)00 dB Arbeit :|

Film |: (1)00 dB Arbeit :| ( A/2007 18 Min.)
concept & implementation: Michael Kofler, Leonie Wieser, Lisa Weber, Angela Scholz
consultancy: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
production: Gabi Mathes

opener at "11. wiener video & filmtagen"
2008 at "DIAGONALE"
2009 at "14. internationalen Filmfestival der Filmakademie Wien"

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